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bioSignals UK


bioSignals is a collaborative project between the Philippines (University of the Philippines - Open University), SEADS (Space, Ecologies Art and Design), and New Zealand (AwhiWorld) that creates a planet-wide new media artwork bridging the three island nations through plants. The teams of artists, designers, engineers and researchers in each country are collecting, processing, transmitting, and creatively transforming signals generated from local plant life growing at each site, connecting isolated entities in a cross-cultural dialogue about biodiversity, climate change, and resilience.


This blog is an account of thoughts and conversations held between various members of the project, but focuses on the UK perspective. You can explore the work and thoughts of the NZ team here, and the PH team here.


Project Leader

Dr Amy Holt

UK Artistic Team

Mary Pedicini,
Dr Amy Holt
Dr Ulrike Kuchner,
Dr Angelo Vermeulen,
Matthew Woodham,

PH Artistic Team

Dr Diego Maranan, Jerome Suplemento, Blancaflor Arada, Pieter Steyaert,
Dr. Shari San Pablo, Gino Javier / Terra Bomba,
Patricia Calora,

NZ Artistic Team

Dr Maggie Buxton, Kim Newall,
Jarred Taylor, Frederico D.A. de Sena Pereira,
Daniël Vandersmissen.

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