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I Wish We Could Tell You Everything is an iterative project bringing word, music and image together in an immersive meditation reflecting on humanity from the outside in.

A message, a fiction, a meditation.


How would you introduce yourself to someone (some being) who knows nothing of humanity? What would you say? What would you leave out? How could you express the things that are important to you, so they would understand?


The history of addressing messages to extra-terrestrials is full of bizarre (sometimes surreal) choices, and always an exclusive practice. Always, an individual or a small group drafts statements to be sent on behalf of all humanity.


This fictional exercise attempts to imagine a democratic messaging practice: anyone looking into the mirror has direct access to some as-yet-uncontacted alien species.

Viewers are invited to sit with the transmitting device as a guided meditation offers subjects for  contemplation.


IWWCTYE chapter one was exhibited as a solo show with Danuser & Ramírez in 2022.


Chapter two was part of the group exhibition 1123 at St. Bartholemew the Great. 

Chapter three is the most ambitious iteration yet, featuring a more highly developed sonic meditation, including the potential for an immersive ambisonic experience.


The meditation for chapter three was written, as before, by Mary Pedicini, but developed with Asher Levitas, who designed the sound.

MirrorSketch Mockup1.png

Mockup of Installation for IWWCTYE Ch. 3, including hanging speaker system for immersive audio.

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