Mary Pedicini is an American sculptor based in London. She received her BA in Studio Art from Dartmouth College in 2019, and is currently an MA candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Her work has been exhibited in group shows at the Freud Museum in London, the Merz Gallery in Sanquhar, Scotland, and Abigail Ogilvy in Boston, among others. Her solo shows include Dartmouth’s Barrows Rotunda in Hanover, NH, and Shelter in Place Gallery in Boston.


Her work often takes inspiration from science. She lifts from her study of ecology in undergrad as well as further independent research for her masters dissertation, considering the history/philosophy of science, and the ethics and possibilities of thinking at expanded timescales. Her research currently focuses on the role of art in preserving legacy, particularly at the scale of deep time.

Mary values subtlety in her material choices, often emphasizing the wear and stain of time in found objects. Wax, wood, and stone are common in her practice. She plays with hiding and revealing objects and images, making it clear that there is something there, something hidden – an open secret, a known unknown.


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