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EXOMOON is an immersive theater experience that explores humanity's future in space. The project, a co-production by Theatre Neumarkt and SEADS in collaboration with the CHAMELEON exoplanet research group, was performed throughout September 2023.

The production invites the public to reflect on what our new home beyond Earth might look like, and what values, identity, and knowledge we choose to take with us. The piece reflects on contemporary human activities and cultural expressions, while exploring the tension of individual self-reflection during the transition from a terrestrial environment to a speculative space habitat on a moon orbiting an exoplanet.

Through this layered and multi-sensory journey, visitors will encounter a new kind of environment, make new encounters and create something unknown in one of many possible worlds, allowing us to see ourselves anew. With space exploration becoming increasingly embedded in human culture, EXOMOON offers a glimpse into a future of alien environments as we expand our colonized space beyond the atmosphere of planet Earth.

In addition to the immersive experiences and performances of Yan Balistoy, Sofia Elena Borsani, Challenge Gumbodete and Melina Pyschny each day featured a guest lecture-performance.

11/09/2023 Mary Pedicini, Artist
Mythology and Psychology of Moon: A Performance-Lecture by Moon's Resident Ethnographer
Over the three centuries that humans have inhabited Moon, a culture and mythology has grown up around the planet on which we live. As a practicing artist and Moon's resident ethnographer, I will deliver a performance-lecture about the mythology of Moon, touching on many of the various oft-told stories that circulate in our community, infusing its traditions and character. Following unvalidated but suggestive rumors of other life on Moon, both of terrestrial and extraterrestrial natures, I will explore (from within) the psychological character of the habitat that has become humanity's new home.

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