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Method of Loci

5' x 7' x 8'

plywood, cheesecloth, tyvek, tea, wood, plastic, ceramic, found objects

c. 2019

Imaginary Tyrants: Being or Thinking

What would life be if we had to prioritize only one way of engaging with the world: thinking or being? There was a time when I was tempted to choose decisively between the two. As I debated the merits of each option, I built this piece. It is a pair of shrines: a place to worship each idea, and to manifest an intuitive debate. The structure allowed me to enact the argument through a simple game, using the objects in my studio. On impulse alone, I had to choose objects at random, and determine if they aligned better as "being" objects, or "thinking" objects. What would each objects' worldview be?


In the end, it was a false dichotomy, an impossible task. I couldn’t choose one way of living over the other if I wanted to. What’s left is a record of a thought process: enacted research.


Imaginary Tyrants: Being or Thinking

Installation dimensions 168” x 168” x 78”.
Partial canoe, plastic and metal machine parts, plastic and wooden children’s toys, doorknob, cobbler's shoe form, piece of pipe organ, glove, tiara, small thurible, scientific equipment, and grape-stained organza gift pouches.

c. 2020

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