Method of Loci

5' x 7' x 8'

plywood, cheesecloth, tyvek, tea, wood, plastic, ceramic, found objects

c. 2019

Architecture as body and as mind.

The dome is a physical manifestation of my mind. It is not the entirety of my mind (god forbid), nor a perfect translation of any particular thought or style of thinking. It is instead the cradling shelter of a thinking space.

Throughout the process, I have referred to each part of the dome as a part of the body. The skeleton is formed of laser-cut plywood, the skin is Tyvek on outside, with a second internal layer of tea-soaked cheese-cloth. The guts are objects scattered about the shelf-like structure. The structure is made for the body as well – I sense something incredibly pleasing about the proportions of the space in relation to my body certainly, and I have heard the same from others of varying sizes.