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I Wish We Could Tell You Everything


A message, a fiction, a meditation.


How would you introduce yourself to someone (some being) who knows nothing of humanity? What would you say? What would you leave out? How could you express the things that are important to you, so they would understand?


The history of addressing messages to extra-terrestrials is full of bizarre (sometimes surreal) choices, and always an exclusive practice. Always, an individual or a small group drafts statements to be sent on behalf of all humanity.


This fictional exercise attempts to imagine a democratic messaging practice: anyone looking into the mirror has direct access to some as-yet-uncontacted alien species.

Viewers are invited to sit with the transmitting device as a guided meditation offers subjects for  contemplation.











"Before we begin, I’d like to remind you how the reflecting pool works. The pool accepts any and all thoughts and images you project into it. If you look into it, your likeness will be transmitted to a recipient species which has not yet made contact with Earth."














"What is the flavor of your life?














Pause and imagine humanity as a whole - a writhing mass of beings, an organized collective, a hectic fray. 













What does humanity look like to you?"

I Wish We Could Tell You Everything. Sound by Asher Levitas, text & voice by Mary Pedicini. Film with sound (8:57).

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